A Flash of Lightning in the Dark of Night: A Guide to the by Dalai Lama

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By Dalai Lama

Compassion is the tenet of the bodhisattvas, those that vow to achieve enlightenment in an effort to release all sentient beings from the agony and confusion of imperfect lifestyles. To this finish, they have to resign all self-centered pursuits and examine basically the overall healthiness of others. The bodhisattvas' enemies are the ego, ardour, and hatred; their guns are generosity, endurance, perseverance, and knowledge.

In Tibetan Buddhism, the Dalai Lama is taken into account to be a dwelling embodiment of this religious excellent. His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama provides right here a close handbook of useful philosophy, in response to The approach of the Bodhisattva (Bodhicharyavatara), a widely known textual content of Mahayana Buddhism written via Shantideva. The Dalai Lama explains and amplifies the textual content, alluding all through to the adventure of everyday life and displaying how someone can advance bodhichitta, the want for excellent enlightenment for the sake of others. This publication would certainly turn into a typical handbook for all those that desire to make the bodhisattva excellent a residing event.

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Now that we have dedicated our body, speech, and mind to accomplishing the sacred Dharma, we should not harm our bodies needlessly. For our bodies are the vehicles for our practice, and if we Instead, in this world and the next, They should put it to the service of the supreme goal. In the Compendium of All Practices Shantideva explains that as long as our compassion is not completely pure and our realization of emptiness is not perfect, it is not proper to give away our bodies and all our wealth and merits.

In my opinion, all beings want to be loved. This is natural and spontaneous. Even animals like people who are kind to them. When someone looks at you with a loving expression, it makes you happy, does it not? Love is a quality that is esteemed throughout humanity,y in all religions. All religions, includO O t-' ing Buddhism, describe their founders above all in terms of their o ' capacity to love. Those that talk about a creator refer to the creator's mercy. And the main quality of those who give spiritual refuge is love.

The Buddhas and the Bodhisattvas both Possess unclouded vision, seeing everything: All things lie before their gaze, And likewise, I am always in their presence. ATTENTIVENESS In all circumstances it is necessary to evaluate the need for a particular action in relation to the precepts. 26 Indeed, there are some rules originally laid down in the Vinaya that later had to be adapted to changing circumstances. Attentiveness should be applied to everything we do, and at all times we should be aware of our physical behavior, constantly checking whether we have been successful in doing what is proper and avoiding what is not.

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