A Girl's Guide to Vampires by Katie MacAlister

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By Katie MacAlister

Pleasure Randall's best five assistance for Vampire Hunters: situation, situation, situation. Vampires will not be stuck useless (ha!) in locations like discos, ten-minute lube retailers, or Switzerland. be mindful, in case you would not be there, neither could a bloodsucker. belief your eyes. you recognize the good-looking, annoyingly conceited, confident guy within the shadows with lengthy hair and a cleft in his chin? he is your vampire. regardless of how tempting it would be, don't "accidentally" gather a paper reduce in your finger and recommend your vampire kiss it to make it higher. Play it cool. do not supply to accompany your prince of the evening at the talk-show circuit, and no matter what you do, do not provide him your middle! such a lot of all, bear in mind: being a vampire is not anything to giggle approximately.

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If she is, she's doing a good job," Roxy muttered sotto voce. I agreed wholeheartedly. "Yes, I am, if that's what it will take to bring you to your senses. The Goddess did not share her vision of your future with me, Joy, but this I sense: If you continue down the path you have started, you place your life, your very soul, at risk. " It wasn't so much Miranda's words, but the almost tangible sense of fear surrounding her that remained with me, still palpable almost an hour later as we drove through the winding roads toward the small town on the southern Oregon coast where we lived.

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