A Killer Chess Opening Repertoire - new enlarged edition by Aaron Summerscale

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By Aaron Summerscale

An easy-to-learn repertoire for the chessboard murderer

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Ixb1 A beautiful move, highlighting the great plus enjoyed by White in the form of the nvo advanced passed pavvns. If Black regains material parity with 34 . . xc4 36 a5 or 35 . . dxc4 36 'it>t2 win quickly. li:ld6 34 The best square, as 34 . . lLla5 incurs the immediate challenge 3 5 li:lb3 . 35 a3 Apparently a time-pressure move that is, however, very strong because the pair of a-pavvns remain as constant thorns in Black's Q-side. Also winning are 35 a5, 35 i.. a6 or even 35 'it>t2. 35 'it>f8 36 a5 lLlc8 37 'it>f2 'it>e7 Of course not 40 .

E7 34 'ii'xb8 is hopeless for Black. 33 lLld6 41 lLle8 42 lLlxf6 A move stemming almost certainly from adjournment analysis. The superb knight is relinquished for a bishop that has been less than useful for most of the struggle, yet it goes in order to simplify to a won queen ending. 'ilxf6 42 43 b4 1-0 After 43 . . Y'xe5+ �g8 50 'ild4! there is to be no perpetual for Black. 60 Champion and Candidate The game under review forms a shining exception. Game 1 5 From time to time, Bronstein's risky 9 .

65 ctJd5+ 66 'it>f3 'Lle7 67 h4 �xa7 The final stage of an exhausting endgame has been reached, yet Black can still play on in hope. g7 4 g3 This is a solid line that puts e4 on hold until the king is safely tucked up. Readers may care to refer to game 36 for Petrosian's clash of arms with Najdorf, when a comparison can be made of the opening moves. 4 If 7 1 . ctJd5+ 72 �e4 'Lle7 73 �e5 followed by 74 �e6. g2 d6 6 0-0 a6 7 'Llc3 tt:lc6 Black is happy to enter the Yugoslav Variation after 8 d5 tt:la5 9 tt:ld2 c5, and try for dynamic play on the Q-side.

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