A Need So Beautiful by Suzanne Young

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By Suzanne Young

All of us are looking to be remembered. Charlotte's future is to be forgotten. Charlotte's ally thinks Charlotte could be psychic. Her boyfriend thinks she's dishonest on him. yet Charlotte understands what is fairly unsuitable: She is among the Forgotten, a type of angel on the earth who feels the Need—a strong, uncontrollable draw to aid an individual, frequently a stranger. yet Charlotte by no means sought after this accountability. What she desires is to aid her ally, whose lifestyles is spiraling uncontrolled. She desires to lie in her boyfriend's hands endlessly. yet because the want grows more advantageous, it starts off to take a deadly toll on Charlotte. And who she was once, is, and may become—her mark in this earth, her very existence—is in jeopardy of disappearing thoroughly. Charlotte should be pressured to decide on: should still she include her destiny as a Forgotten, a destiny that can provide to tear her from the lives of these she loves perpetually? Or is she keen to struggle opposed to her destiny—no subject how darkish the results?

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I almost wince at my own words, but I don’t know what else to say. I’m halfway down the aisle, moving toward Sarah, who looks horrified, when I hear the padding of feet behind me. “Excuse me,” Maureen says, rushing past, not turning to me. She is out the door and into the sunlight by the time I reach Sarah. When I do, she shakes her head. ” Sarah repeats, her right eyebrow raised. ” I laugh and loop my arm through hers, my tense muscles all relaxed, leaving me almost euphoric. I flinch at a sudden burn on my shoulder, but it fades almost instantly.

Anyway, I think he might ask me out tonight. ” She holds up the red dress. “What do you think? ” I sigh. “Sarah, I have no idea. ” She waves me off and lays the dress across the counter. ” The dark-haired cashier with an arm full of tattoos and a barbell through her lip tilts her head like she’s judging the garment. “This is hot,” she says, before she starts to ring it up. Sarah smiles. “Yeah? ” I feel a prickle of warmth across my cheek and I reach up to touch it. My heart slowly starts to speed up.

Like I’m falling just from the sound of his voice. But at the same time I’m terrified, feeling that at any second he could be gone. That the Need will take me away from him. ” Sarah says, marching up to take me by the elbow. ” I turn and try to wave to Harlin but he’s already down the gray stone steps on the way to his motorcycle. I still remember the first time I saw him at St. Vincent’s Academy, the year before he dropped out. He was different from everyone else. He wore the same uniform, but something about the way he carried himself, he seemed so much calmer than the other guys.

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