Activated Carbon by Hassler J.W.

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By Hassler J.W.

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The influence of processing, post curing and storage conditions and part thickness on the volatile content of silicone rubber vulcanisates is also discussed. 54-6 Italian HOT RUNNER SYSTEMS FOR MULTICOMPONENT INJECTION MOULDING Gauler K Incoe International Inc. Hot runner systems and their use in two-material, twocolour, multi-material and multi-colour injection moulding are examined. Examples are presented of products manufactured by these processes and combining plastics and thermoplastic elastomers.

Like all over-moulding applications, overmoulding of LSR onto thermoplastic substrates demands a good adhesion between the two materials. The objective of this project was to determine and to evaluate the influence of machine parameters and of process parameters, as well as of part design and mould design, on the adhesive strength of selected material combinations. 12 refs. 165. 29 cms. Rapra Review Rept. No. 137, vol. 12, No. 5, 2001. Review Rept. No. 137 surface skin layer, a transition layer and an inner core layer was observed.

The manufacturer Battenfeld uses the trade name Combiform for this process. Core back is a tooling controlled process. 4. The completed multi-shot component is ejected. Core back moulding, thought of simplistically, is one tool taking multiple shots within a single machine cycle. It allows different areas of the tooling to be opened or closed to specific material feeds. This is achieved through the use of moving slides or inserts and is illustrated in Figure 18. The ability to complete the process without mould opening or pre-form transport are the main advantages to this method when compared to other multi-shot techniques.

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