Actuator Saturation Control (Control Engineering, 12) by Vikram Kapila

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By Vikram Kapila

Compiling the main major advances from approximately a decade of analysis, this reference compares and evaluates a large choice of suggestions for the layout, research, and implementation of keep an eye on methodologies for structures with actuator saturation. The ebook provides effective computational algorithms and new keep watch over paradigms for software within the mechanical, electric, and aerospace industries.Offering real-world ideas to regulate process constraints, Actuator Saturation regulate presents concise tutorials on contemporary breakthroughs within the box; novel strategies to accomplish international balance, optimum functionality, and dynamic anti-windup; useful concepts to version and are expecting actuator dynamics; potent the way to decrease method sensitivity to exterior disturbances; equations in the stochastic linearization framework for actuator saturation keep watch over; present ways to make sure sleek functionality degradation within the presence of saturation phenomena; linear parameter-varying (LPV) formulations of country and output suggestions controllers, and a finished survey of optimum windup and directionality repayment.

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1, this fact plays an important role in the control design. , [27]). bility region. In particular, b/is chosen as the region ~2p that wouldbe obtained if the magnitudeand rate limits were 80%of their actual values (see the light shaded area in Figure 2), union with two rectangular regions in the upper left and lower right corners (corresponding to the dark shaded areas in Figure 2). A natural choice for r is then a contraction of the set L/sufficiently close to/d (corresponding to the dash-dotted lines in Figure 2).

For any choice of the dynamicpressure) the closed-loop satisfies the following properties: 1. 4s + q~(s) 2 +1. 25) Moreover, this response is recovered asymptotically after large commands. 2. The aircraft is BIBSstable 11 from the pilot commandinput qd. 3. , large pitch rates are attained by the control scheme. llA systemis BIBS(Bounded Input Bounded State) stable if the state response any boundedinput is boundedas well. 16 Barbu ei al. 2. 23)). In particular, we define and explicitly compute the maximalstability region achievable within the actuator saturation limits.

6. 1, the following Lemmais needed. 1. Let assumptions (A1) and (A2) hold and r be such the Nyquist plot of the loop gain L = PIP2Clies entirely outside of D(r). Then F P3 2 2r 1 1 ~ < (2r+l)N-1 ~rz, vge(~-~--~, FP2C 2r 1 ~ 2 < (2r+l)N-1 ~ru, YNe(~--~,l]. we prove the existence [[oflq-NLll2’ FP~ ~+NL EPiC 2 and~+i l I+NL~ N E (~-~+1 1]. The first two norms exist if FP~ and ~ are ~ I+NL I+NL Proof. First, for all 42 Eun et al. 1 proper for all N E (~-i, 1]. The asympFPa and ~ are asymptotically totic stability follows from the fact that 1-~ I+L stable (due to (A1)) and the number of encirclement of -1 + j0 L(j ~) and NL(jw) are the same (due to the fact that L(jw) is outside of D(r) and ~1< N _< 1).

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