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With this hypostasis, Jurin formula was refined successfully so as to eliminate the flaw widely known. With great increase of precisions compared to Jurin formula, the models for given materials and the refinement methods for Jurin formula in this investigation are eventually convinced to be available and efficient to engineering application for contact angle prediction. References [1] R. Finn, Capillary Surface Interfaces, J. Notices of the AMS. 46 (1999) 770-781. [2] T. Young, An essay on the cohesion of fluids, J.

6 shows the failure mode which embodies the interface is weakly. 2mm. The unite cell which is meshed with eight-noded isoparametric hexahedral elements is illustrated in Figure 7. 05mm according to the microstructure of interface. Figure. 7 (a) Finite element model of 4D in-plane unit cell (b) Interface in unit cell. 2 Damage model The stiffness will be degraded when damage occurs. Stiffness degradation is associated with damage mode. Hoffman strength criterion is used to judge the failure of carbon rod and fiber bundle, and the concrete form of Hoffman strength criterion is defined as follow.

7] Tang Min, GAO Bo,et al. (1)109-118. [8] Liao Y ing qiang, L iu Yong qiong . Progressive Damage of C /C Composite Made by Axial Rod Method Under Axial Tension Load. 2011, (2):51-54. [9] Su Junming,Cui Hong,Su Zhean,et al. 2004,117(1):12-16. com Keywords: steelmaking; continuous casting; clean steel; hot metal pretreatment; secondary refining Abstract: The technology for clean steel production in modern steel plant is analyzed, a philosophy with production efficiency, manufacturing cost and product performance in its core.

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