Advanced methods for space simulations by edited by H. Usui and Y. Omura.

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By edited by H. Usui and Y. Omura.

It is a number of prolonged lecture notes of the tutorials given on the foreign tuition for house Simulations (ISSS)-7, March 2005, by means of the invited academics who've been actively desirous about laptop simulation thoughts in house plasma physics.

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1 Semi-Lagrange methods Given the above difficulties with fully Lagrangian methods semi-Lagrange schemes have been developed. Such schemes first use the fact that the most accurate way to solve convection (or advection, term vδr f ) hyperbolic PDE is to use their characteristics, along which the function value (here the distribution function) stays constant. The characteristics of the Vlasov-equation are the particle orbits in response to the selfconsistently calculated electromagnetic forces (this is also used in PIC codes).

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