Aerodynamics of the Airplane by Hermann T. Schlichting, Erich A. Truckenbrodt (transl. by

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By Hermann T. Schlichting, Erich A. Truckenbrodt (transl. by Heinrich J. Ramm)

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Applying the method of complex functions, von Mises [71] presents integral formulas for the computation of the force and moment resultants on wing profiles in frictionless flow. They are based on the work of Blasius [71 J. 2-3-2 Inclined Flat Plate The simplest case of a lifting-airfoil profile is the inclined flat plate. The angle between the direction of the incident flow and the direction of the plate is called angle of attack a of the plate. The flow about the inclined flat plate is obtained as shown in Fig.

Sin a. At the plate leading edge, t = -c/2, the velocity is infinitely high. The flow around the plate comes from below, as seen from Fig. 2-8e. On the plate trailing edge, t = +c/2, the tangential velocity has the value u = v cos a. At an arbitrary station of the plate, the tangential velocities on the lower and upper surfaces have a difference in magnitude zi u = uu - ul. At the trailing edge, v u = 0 (smooth flow-off). The nondimensional pressure difference between the lower and upper surfaces, related to the dynamic pressure of the incident flow qr, = (o/2)w',, is [see Eq.

This becomes obvious when the airplane is taken as the source of a disturbance that moves through still air at a velocity V= w. Relative to this moving center of disturbance, pressure waves emanate with the speed of sound a. A closer investigation of this process shows the importance of the speed of sound-especially the ratio of flight velocity to sonic speed, that is, the Mach number from Eq. (1-16). In terms of fluid mechanics, the airplane can be considered as a sound source. Figure 1-9a shows the propagation of sound waves from a sound source at rest on concentric spherical surfaces.

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