After Sundown by Amanda Ashley

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By Amanda Ashley

After sunset

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Flutter - the 3rd e-book within the My Blood Approves sequence. .. Being undead does not make lifestyles any more straightforward for Alice Bonham. Her more youthful brother's love lifestyles is heating up, whereas hers is. .. extra complex. Mae is falling aside, her ally Jane is hooked on vampire bites, and if Alice does not get her bloodlust lower than keep watch over, a person will turn out useless.

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A monster? " She smiled. In spite of what Edward had done for a living, she couldn't imagine him as a monster. There had been an old-world courtliness about him, a gentleness. An innate goodness. " "No, I guess not. I wonder what he'll do now. " She looked at Grigori and laughed. A living. That was funny. " "He is an intelligent man. " A faint smile tugged at Grigori's lips. " He sat down beside her on the sofa and drew her into his arms. " Marisa snuggled against him, loving the feel of his arms around her.

The faint scar on his cheek only added to his mysterious allure. His lips parted, and she saw his fangs. She moved quickly to Grigori's side, her heart pounding. She knew vampire blood lust when she saw it. It is all right, cara. Have no fear. Grigori's voice whispered in her mind. It was a bond they shared, the ability to read each other's minds. I'm not afraid, she replied, as long as you're with me. Ramsey took another step forward, seemingly oblivious to everything but her. " Grigori's voice cut across the room, as sharp and deadly as a blade.

Her life filled him until he felt drunk with it And still he wanted more. Wanted it all. "Enough, Ramsey. " Dazed, drugged with blood and a sense of unlimited power, Ramsey lifted his head, his lips drawn back in a silent snarl. The woman was his. He would not share her. "Enough," Grigori said again. Ramsey looked down at the woman in his arms. Her heartbeat was faint, her face pale. She stared up at him through vacant eyes. " he moaned. " Horror-stricken, Ramsey shoved the woman into Chiavari's arms and backed away.

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