Agent of Chaos by Norman Spinrad

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By Norman Spinrad

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Flutter - the 3rd publication within the My Blood Approves sequence. .. Being undead does not make existence any more straightforward for Alice Bonham. Her more youthful brother's love existence is heating up, whereas hers is. .. extra advanced. Mae is falling aside, her ally Jane is hooked on vampire bites, and if Alice does not get her bloodlust lower than keep an eye on, somebody will prove useless.

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Johnson gave the button console a final touch with his polishing rag and then stepped casually out of the elevator. As he made his way down the corridor to the secondlevel street exit, he suppressed a sigh of relief. It was working. The worst was over. Apparently not even the Guardian itself took much notice of the puttering of a Maintenance man! After traversing what seemed like a mile long corridor under the scrutiny of what seemed like a million Eyes, Johnson finally found himself outside the Ministry on the short ramp that led from the building to the secondlevel street.

Well, I suppose you all know what happened on Mars by now," Johnson said glumly. "The tv and the fax sheets all say that the Brotherhood tried to kill Khustov, not us," Luke Forman said, his black face etched to a mask of ebony confusion by the light of his flash. " Johnson grunted. " he said. "The Brotherhood actually saved Khustov, and then the Council must've decided that it would be better to blame the Brotherhood for the attempt. The Wards think of the Brotherhood as a natural calamity, so it's better for the Hegemony to blame them than to admit that we can be dan61 gerous.

Back in the building! " Johnson took a few steps back towards the Ministry, positioning himself in the center of the ramp as he did so, where the ramp itself would give him some cover from lasebeams from below. Suddenly he whirled around and broke into a dead run towards the glideway. It was only a matter of a few yards, a second or two. The Guards below got off two shots which weren't even close, and then Johnson was at the lip 33 of the glideway. He lept onto the two-mile-anhour outermost strip of the glideway, bowling over a fat man who waved his fist foolishly as Johnson skipped inward, onto the seven-mile-anhour strip.

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