American Indian Biographies (Magill's Choice) by Carole A. Barrett, Harvey Markowitz, R. Kent Rasmussen

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By Carole A. Barrett, Harvey Markowitz, R. Kent Rasmussen

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Bent, George / 33 American Indian Biographies From that time into the early twenty-first century, Bellecourt was a tireless crusader for the rights of indigenous peoples on both the national and international scene. In 1974, he helped organize the first Image Not Available International Indian Treaty Council (IITC). During the 1980’s, he was arrested for throwing blood on the Guatemalan embassy to protest the Guatemalan government’s killing of 100,000 Maya Indians. Bellecourt later focused on the issue of using Indian stereotypes as logos and team mas- Vernon Bellecourt, national director of the American Indian Movement (AIM), speaks at a news cots in sports and led highconference in 1973.

Although some Shoshone leaders, including 26 / Bear’s Heart, James American Indian Biographies Washakie of the Wind River Shoshone and Tendoy of the Lemhi Shoshone, were friendly toward whites, Bear Hunter led his people in active resistance to white encroachment into the Great Basin. Largely unimpeded by sparsely stationed federal troops during the early years of the Civil War, on several occasions Shoshone war parties attacked mail carriers and emigrants. In order to protect the telegraph lines and mail coaches, their only communication with the east, the Third California Infantry under Patrick E.

1790; northern Wyoming Died: August, 1834; place unknown Also known as: Rotten Belly, Sour Belly Tribal affiliation: Crow Significance: Revered for his extraordinary spiritual powers, Arapoosh was believed to be virtually invincible in battle. Known to whites as Rotten Belly or Sour Belly, Arapoosh apparently earned his name through his disposition: He was surly, ill-tempered, and impatient. He was also known to be extraordinarily brave. The foremost warrior among the River Crow who lived along the Big Horn, Powder, and Wind Rivers in present-day northern Wyoming and southern Montana, Arapoosh led his people against their traditional Indian enemies, the Blackfeet, Sioux, and Northern Cheyennes.

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