An introduction to categories in computing by Jay C.B.

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By Jay C.B.

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Design and Implementation The method and its enclosing program are primarily to demonstrate various aspects of 2D array handling, so the design can be kept very straightforward. Apart from a method to calculate the totals, it will be useful to have a helper method to display the totals. To keep things simple a 2D array will be initialized directly in the main method to allow the program to run. The program follows: // A program to add up the columns of a 2D array. < previous page page_122 < previous page page_123 Page 123 next page > next page > 39 40 // Written by Graham Roberts, July 1999 // Revision History: none public class AddUpColumns {   // Add up each column in the 2D array and return   // a 1D array of the totals.

3 Program AverageUsingArrayList To finish this brief introduction to containers, here is a version of the program Average, presented earlier and implemented using arrays, re-written to use ArrayList. // A program using ArrayList to calculate an average. println("Average is: " + average) ; ÂÂ} } < previous page page_129 < previous page page_13 Page 13 next page > next page > All of this is good natured and, at least for the moment, very humorous. However, amidst all this we must not forget that Java has the potential to be used for real, large scale application development.

If a file containing such data is viewed in an editor, the data appears as normal text and can be read directly from the screen. g. 563). Strings and values of type char have the obvious direct representation. The simplest kind of data file, which we will be concentrating on for the moment, has each data item on a separate line in the file. 434 note Text-based data can be read by humans. Binary data can be read only by computers (or very patient humans). An invisible newline character ends each line but is ignored except when reading individual characters.

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